Whether it be for jewelry, pistols, tea bags, wine, treasured keepsakes, or any other gifts, honor them with a special place to call their own.  Boxes can be left simple, or adorned with custom fitted inserts for your items, decorative inlays in exotic woods, stained glass lids, classic or contemporary styling, hidden compartments...whatever your heart can dream up.  Let me know what treasures you wish to store, then let me make you a beautiful box to honor it.

Beauty is in the details.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger size.  Use your browser's "Back" button to return.

▲Mahogany legs and arches, figured cherry sides, with a tiger maple front.  SOLD
Jewelry Box #B-IC1
Stunning and unique!  This Art Deco design is accentuated with angled legs and arching tops.  Various wood combinations are shown; all have a vivid tiger maple front.  Have your monogram emblazoned in the stained glass top or have me create any design you desire.  The interior of the case is lit with LED's which cast a subtle glow beneath the stained glass.  There's ample, velvet-lined storage under the lid and in the drawer.  The drawer operates smoothly on full-extension, ball-bearing slides which allow complete access to the rear of the drawer.  Strong, box-joint drawer construction as well as solid brass hinges on the lid will provide a lifetime of service.  At 20"w x 18"d x 10"h, it's big enough to hold a lot of jewelry, but you can always customize your order to add a few more drawers so your collection has room to grow.

Some Sold $1,200
There are two of these AVAILABLE NOW!

▲Wenge wood legs, arches, and sides with a tiger maple front.  SOLD

▲Walnut legs, arches, and sides with a tiger maple front.  SOLD

▲Mahogany legs and arches, figured cherry sides, with a tiger maple front.  AVAILABLE NOW!

▲Mahogany legs, arches, and sides with a tiger maple front.  AVAILABLE NOW!

Necklace Case #B-NH1
Do you have some jewelry that needs some organizing?  This client had a lot of necklaces laying in a drawer getting all knotted up.  Hanging them was the solution, but she didn't want them out in the open.  There was a void in her closet wall where I could recess this case and maximize her storage capacity.  It has 4 pull-out panels which hold a total of 68 necklaces on individual stainless steel hooks.  Plus there's 2 drawers for bracelets or watches.  The panels/drawers feature over-extension, ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation and easy access to the entire panel/drawer.  They pull all the way out.  Everything is lined with padded crushed velvet.  The piece is made from birch wood stained to match the existing decor.  It measures 12"w x 25"h x 11"d.  And by the way, I made those cool, floating, wrap-around shelves, too!

Sold $900
Included on-site installation

▲Bloodwood sides with maple trim.  AVAILABLE NOW!
Ring Box #B-IJ1
For the woman who has more rings than she has fingers, this beautiful jewelry box can hold up to 72 rings in pre-punched slots!  What a great way to frame her jewelry collection.  It also features a divided, padded-velvet-lined, sliding tray to hold other treasures.  Incredibly figured and colored, the top is made of quilted, spalted, maple.  The sides are either in rich, red bloodwood or in highly figured bubinga.  The top was hand-rubbed to a very highly reflective, gloss finish.  This piece measures 16"w x 9"d x 3 1/2"h.  Solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.

If you want the box in a different size, subdivided in a different manner, or of a different wood - no problem.  I will make a box specifically for you to your specifications.

There are 2 of these AVAILABLE NOW!

▲Bubinga sides with wenge trim.  AVAILABLE NOW!

Silverware Box #B-LH1
The client could not find the perfect box for Grandma's silverware.  Too big, too small, nothing fit.  I crafted this box to precisely fit the collection.  The case is made from sapele wood with wenge accents, and the top is stunning quilted, spalted maple which was hand-rubbed to a gloss finish.  The interior is velvet-lined and features a pull-out tray.  Everything is subdivided to protect each element of silver.  The box is 15"w x 12"d x 7"h, .

Sold $750

Pistol Case #B-HL1
The design of this box is particularly versatile.  The interior can be customized exactly how you wish.  If your needs change at a later date, the interior dividers can be replaced easily without having to disassemble the entire box.  The box's striking appearance is due to the beautiful woods selected.  The top is redwood lace burl; the sides are Bolivian rosewood, and the accents are padauk.  The piece was painstakingly hand-rubbed to a rich, high-gloss finish.  The interior birch dividers are set off by an elegant, padded, burgundy crushed velvet lining.  The client's monogram is of quilted maple inlayed into a walnut field.  This piece measures 16"w x 11"d x 3"h and perfectly accommodates two 9mm Glock pistols and four extra magazines.  A lock can be provided for a slight up-charge, or try a glass top instead to display your items.  Solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.

Sold $500

▲Single Reel Boxes

▲Double Reel Boxes
Fly Reel Box #B-LA1&2
A box can be designed to securely hold anything.  This client wanted to hold fly reels.  What better why to secure them than to hold them exactly the way the fishing rod holds them, by the foot.  The single reel boxes are made from cherry wood with a curly, spalted maple top, and they measure 5"w x 5"d x 4"h.  The double reel boxes are made from cherry with a highly figured redwood top with a wenge frame, and they measure 9"w x 5"d x 5"h.  They're hinged at the back, they have magnets to keep the lid down, and the bottoms are lined in padded crushed velvet in the color of your choice.

Sold $150 each
Knife Display Box #B-KB1
Whatever your treasure, I can create a custom box to proudly protect it.  This piece displays a knife from Iwo Jima.  The box is made from Baltic birch plywood with cherry trim.  The top is held in place with rare earth magnets.  The interior has a styrofoam insert custom cut to the knife's profile and it's fully lined with crushed velvet.  This piece measures 17"w x 7"d x 4"h.

Sold $150

Jewelry Box #B-HH1
Wow!  Art Deco styling with luxurious, high-end materials: a quilted maple top with abalone inlay, mahogany sides, maple legs, Macassar ebony banding, and bright chrome knurled knobs.  Solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.  The high-gloss finish is accomplished by sanding though nine grits of sandpaper by hand.  It's more work, but the quality of the luster speaks for itself.  The interior is appointed with padded crushed velvet on the bottom and padded leather on the underside of the lid.  The unpartitioned interior will allow storage for jewelry, wine accessories, cigars, anything.  Or have dividers added for a customized presentation.  At 15"w x 11"d x 6"h, it would make a perfect centerpiece for any room.

Sold $600

Jewelry Box #B-ND1
Figured woods abound in this dazzling box!  The case is made from figured walnut.  It's topped off with an impressive piece of quilted redwood banded by curly maple buffed out to a high gloss.  The finger inset is in quilted maple.  Opening the box, you'll find a subdivided lift-out tray with a padded crushed velvet bottom.  Under the tray, the box is subdivided again to keep all your treasures safe and organized.  This piece measures 13"w x 8"d x 5"h.

This box is AVAILABLE NOW!

Jewelry Box #B-KL1
Organize your keepsakes with elegance.  This box has mahogany sides, Bolivian rosewood legs, and a flamed maple top.  It's adorned with handmade banding framing  the top and a beautiful inlaid abalone monogram medallion in the center.  Solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.  The top was hand buffed to a high gloss shine.  The interior is lined with padded crushed velvet and subdivided to suit the client's needs including a sliding tray on top for smaller items.  Shh, there's even a secret hidden compartment underneath.  This piece measures 23"w x 11"d x 7"h.

Sold $650

Recipe Card Box #B-GJ1
The best way to repay Mom for all of those years of great home-cooked meals is to give her a place to honor those treasured recipes.  This piece measures 15"w x 11"d x 6"h and is a blend of exotic woods: a redwood lace burl top, flamed maple sides, and a walnut base, corner keys, and handle (which doubles as a card holder!) all hand-buffed to a high gloss finish.  The handmade inlay is made from maple, walnut, and padauk.  The interiors of all boxes can be personally customized to meet your needs.  This one features adjustable dividers for index cards and plenty of room to grow!  Solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.

Sold $600

Guitar Accessory Box #B-NL1
Special gifts are those that are customized for the recipient.  A box can contain just about anything, but this one is unique in that it has a guitar pick shaped lid lift.  The shell was inlaid into wenge wood creating a spectacular focal point.  The case is made from curly maple and the top is highly figured redwood.  The interior is subdivided and lined with padded black faux leather.  The high quality, solid brass hinges hold the lid in an upright position.  This box measures 11"w x 8"d x 3 1/2"h.

Sold $550

Monogrammed Keepsake Boxes #B-FL1 & #B-FL2
A keepsake box always makes a perfect gift.  This matching set went to a pair of wonderful mothers on Mother's Day.  These boxes are made with cherry tops and legs with pecan sides and each measures 10"x10"x5h.  The strong legs anchor the boxes and the arched bottoms lighten things up.  The padded felt lining adds a softness to the interior, and the solid brass hinges will provide a lifetime of service.  Stained glass monograms add a unique touch of personalized elegance.

Sold $400 each

Monogrammed Keepsake Box #B-QC1
Pretty much the same as above, but a little bigger and a little better.  This measures 14"x14"x 7"h.  It's made from cherry with a little walnut trim for contrast.  The tapered legs lend some drama.  The bottom is lined with padded, crushed velvet.  It's finished with linseed oil to pop the grain and lacquer for the sheen.

Sold $450

Old-School Tool Box #B-QD1
Carry whatever you want to, and with a lot of style.  This Art Deco inspired design is made from birch plywood, maple, and walnut and made with box joint construction.  It has heavy duty steel handles on the top and sides.  The bottom is padded and lined with crushed velvet.  It has guitar amp chrome corners and huge rubber feet to support the heaviest weight.

Sold $500
  Pencil Case  #B-QF1
Maybe it's a graduation or a new job?  You bought those expensive pens or pencils and you're just going to hand it to them in a plastic bag?  A pencil case shows a little class while protecting that investment.  This is made from birch and features a sliding lid that gets a friction lock with a spring ball.  It has a padded leather bottom.  2 1/4"w x 9"L x 1 1/2"d, but I can make you one any size you like.

Sold $60
Individual Ring Box #B-MF1
If you have a special treasure like an engagement ring, don't hand it off in that cheap plastic box they give you at the jewelry store.  Kick the presentation up a notch.  This small box was made from tiger maple with a figured redwood top.  The interior is foam with a velvet covering, very elegant.  It's 3" x 3" x 2 1/2"h

This is the least expensive box I can make.  I keep costs low by using leftover wood and no hardware (the lid is friction fit).  You'll get a nice box, but you'll need to browse my scrap pile to see what's available.

Sold $40

Atari Organizer #B-OH1
Classic video games are a pretty big deal.  The Atari 2600 came out in the late 70's, and it is surprising that these still work.  This organizer is made from walnut with quilted maple handles and an Atari logo inlaid into the front medallion.  Everything is held perfectly in subdivided compartments from the game cartridges, to the paddles and joysticks, even space for the cables.  When you're ready to play, just pull it out to your sofa and uncoil the cable (sorry, no wireless back in the day).

Atari aside, I can subdivide a box or tray to precisely fit anything you want.  Everything has a spot and you can take inventory at a glance.

Sold $400


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