If you want a plain and simple frame, I can not compete with the prices at Target or Hobby Lobby.  However, if you want something special, odd sizes, different shapes, or exotic woods, they can not compete with me.  And I will always win on quality because I provide a lifetime guarantee on all my work.

Beauty is in the details.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger size.  Use your browser's "Back" button to return.

Mirror Framing #O-JI1
This client wanted their builder's grade, frameless bathroom mirror spiced up a bit.  I added a decorative frame, while cutting down and reusing their existing mirror.  The final product measures 43"w x 41"h x 1"d and features a beveled profile and an inlaid band of quilted maple and bubinga.

Sold $150
Included installation reusing the existing mirror.
Add $75 to add a new mirror.
Here, the client had an antique table that they wished to repurpose some of the pieces.  The frame is made from the old table aprons, which I cut down to size.  The corner blocks were the existing feet.  I built a sub-frame from pine on which everything is securely mounted.  The client also repurposed the mirror.  The client chose to do all the finish work.  18"w x 27"h x 2"d.

Sold $60
Your project may differ depending on what you repurpose and how much I have to do.
Photo Framing #O-HI1
Typically, I would recommend you get your framing done by your local Hobby Lobby.  However, if you want something very special, perhaps an odd shape or an exotic wood, you will need to go the custom route.  This 12"w x 10"h x 3/4"d frame is made of mahogany with quilted maple inlaid banding and walnut corner "keys" for rigidity.  Glass and matt were also provided.

Sold $100
Stained Glass Framing #O-JE1
Your stained glass looks good, but it needs a wood frame to make it look great and add that professional, finishing touch.  You can have your choice of any wood, any edge profile, and any hanging method.  I will make your frame to precisely fit your artwork.

Sold $125 each
A little extra for the fancy woods
▲Jatoba and wenge with a flamed maple keystone ▲Purpleheart with a bullnose edge
▲Maple with birch trim and coved sides ▲Birch with a cherry inlaid band


▲Sapele with a beaded edge


▲Birch stained black with a beaded edge
Odd Shaped Framing #O-QI1
It would be extremely lucky if you could find a round frame at the store.  If you did, it would probably be a size that wouldn't work for you.  Everything I make is custom, so special shapes are no problem.  The piece of art was designed to be viewed from both sides, so the frame needed to be seamless on both sides.  The frame was made in two overlapping segments so the art could installed and secured.  It was screwed together with large head screws, which are designed to receive white sticker caps.  Once the frame is painted (by the client in this case), the screw heads will be nearly invisible.  This frame is made from poplar and was big, 50" diameter and 1 1/2" thick.

Sold $200
Other sizes and shapes may differ

Canvas Stretchers #O-JA1
If you're a painter, you'll know what these are.  For smaller canvases, you'd do better buying them from you're local hobby outlet.  But for large or odd sizes or special shapes, call me.  These are built from clear pine 1x2's.  The corners have plywood brackets to keep the frame square, and they're notched into the frame to keep the overall thickness down.  The intermediate supports cross with a half-lap joint for strength.  I can provide you just the frames, I can stretch the canvas for you, and I can prime them if you like.

Set of 5 Sold $250
With unprimed canvas


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