Custom-built furniture is unique and directly suited to your needs and desires.  The weight, look, and feel of these pieces exude quality from the materials which I personally hand select to the high level of craftsmanship I place into my work.  If you have an idea for your special piece, talk to me about it and let's see if we can make it a reality.

Beauty is in the details.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger size.  Use your browser's "Back" button to return.

Bed & Side Table #F-OD1
When a commercially available bed simply won't do, I can make one to fit your requirements.
It had to be a full-size to fit nicely in the guest room.
It was going in a corner, so only one flanking side table.
The bed had to fit under an existing window, hence the lower headboard and a "Tower" in the corner to anchor the composition.
There is a furnace vent below the window, and the bed's base had to be offset so the air could still flow freely.

The bed is built primarily from cherry wood.  The accent panels are quilted maple with wenge trim.  The tops are plastic laminate for a glossy granite look.  An outlet and switch were recessed into the side of the headboard and LED lights were installed to up the coolness factor.  The drawers feature full-extension, soft-close slides.  The double-leg is made from 70 pieces of wood for eye-catching detail.  Overall, the piece measures 89"w x 83"l x 42"h, and it was finished with linseed oil and polyurethane.
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Sold $3,000
Included delivery, and installation.  Mattress not included.

Lighted Coffee Table #F-GF1
A striking example of furniture design incorporating stained glass.  The hexagonal pecan wood top is constructed in a camera-eye configuration.  The cherry wood base is rich with detail.  Lighting the base using the built-in dimmable switch causes the top and sides of this piece to glow.  Power to the table can be routed out of sight under a carpet runner to below the sofa.  The top's stained glass insert has over 350 individual pieces of glass carefully arranged in a collage of intersecting circles and angles.  This 56"w x 49"d x 18"h piece will command attention at the center of your living room.

Sold $6,000


Harley-Davidson Themed Men's Valet #F-GF2
I relish the opportunity to design themed pieces like this, and who says stained glass can't be masculine?!

The themed features abound:
● The stained glass Bar & Shield emblem is back lit with built-in lighting and dimmable switching.
● The lower portion of the tower is designed to look like a motorcycle head cylinder.
● The mirror profile on the right side draws from the shield profile.
● All compartments are padded and lined with black leather.
● An integral cap rack below (not shown in the photos).
● An actual Harley-Davidson points cover is inset at the top of the mirror.
● Genuine Harley-Davidson grips and chrome bars project from the sides.
● ...and much more.  Please click on the photos for additional descriptions and close-up views.

At 39"w x 36"h x 14"d, it's big enough to hold everything, but small enough to hang on the wall via a French cleat.  This piece is primarily made of stained red oak with a padauk apron.  Truly something special.

Sold $3,500

Entertainment Center #F-JH1
After the client hung their TV over the fireplace, their old entertainment center just didn't look right anymore without it.  This piece answered the call and fits perfectly in the space available.  The cabinets are made primarily from birch with tiger-striped redwood accents.  The tops have a banding of quilted maple and wenge.

The left case houses the components.  The angle in the stained glass front matches the angle of the redwood tiger stripes, and the aluminum insets in the glass extend the pattern of knobs across the door and drawers.  The interior shelves are fully adjustable and lock into position so they can't slide out.  There is a wiring chase behind the shelves and a built-in power strip.  The door features soft-close hinges.  The right case includes subdivided drawers sized for CDs and DVDs.  It can hold up to 480 CDs!  The drawers feature the soft-close mechanism as well.  The component rack was vented with two CPU fans, which were connected to the amp's power supply so they would automatically turn on.

The cases are staggered in both height and depth to avoid the large hulking impression of an entertainment center which would compete with the adjacent fireplace.  The floating angled shelves above reinforce that concept.  The cabinet measures 47"w x 39"h x 28"d; the shelves are 33"w x 43"h x 21"d.

Also included in this job was the audio/video wiring for the surround sound system.  All wires were run within the walls and all terminations have cover plates and jacks.
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Sold $1,800
Included delivery, and installation.
This price does not include the home wiring.  All homes are built differently; call for a quote for wiring your house.

Entertainment Center #F-PE1
You just can't find an entertainment center these days that will hold your vintage stereo equipment.  These clients just bought a new flat panel TV, but still wanted to kick out their old-school components.

That's where I come in.  I will build you a one-off piece of furniture to exactly fit your needs.  This piece has plenty of room for components on adjustable shelves, a pull-out turntable shelf, and subdivided drawers that hold DVD's one way and CD's the other way.  I installed soft-close hardware for the doors and drawers.

It's made from birch plywood and solid birch.  It was stained to match the home's decor.  The tops are high gloss plastic laminate, which will give many years of use.  There's even a little black melamine in there to add some contrast.  This unit measures 56"w x 45"h x 25"d, but I will build one to perfectly fit your space.
Clear here to Watch It Get Built.

Sold $1,800
Included delivery, and installation.
This price does not include the home wiring.  All homes are built differently; call for a quote for wiring your house.

Antique Bell Bookcase #F-OE2
You just can't go into Rothman Furniture and find a bookcase which will display your 1880's antique school bell.  That's where I come in.  Since everything I do is custom, this was not a problem.  The challenge was that the cast iron bell weighed in at about 75 pounds.  The bell is securely bolted into a custom wood sleeve which penetrates through the countertop and into a solid wood beam below.  Then the weight is transferred out to two flanking columns hidden inside.  The case is made from stained and clear birch plywood with walnut plywood and solid walnut banding.  The countertop is plastic laminate over MDF.  The case measures 61"w x 26"d x 36"h (not including the bell).  It's also mounted on hidden casters so it can easily be moved around the entertainment space and serve as a bar or buffet table.

Sold $1800
Included delivery, and installation.

Liquor Cabinet #F-IL1
So you bought a nice set of furniture, but they just didn't offer that one last piece you needed.  That was the case here.  A small cabinet was needed to fit in a particular area, and it had to coordinate in style and color.  No problem; however, this custom piece may have exceeded the quality of the originals.  The walnut case is set off by the wenge wood base and satin nickel hardware.  The figured walnut top is accented with a band of quilted, spalted maple and wenge inlaid banding.  The doors feature soft close, dampened hinges.  The drawer features box joint construction which will never fail (guaranteed!), and over-extension, ball-bearing slides which operate smoothly and provide full access to the entire drawer.  The interior of the drawer is subdivided and a sliding tray above offers even more organizational possibilities.  All the drawer compartments are lined with padded leather.  This piece measures 23"w x 14"d x 34"h, and is the perfect fit for the space for which it was intended.

Sold $900
  Lighted Plant Stand #F-FG1
Another fine table with built-in stained glass panels and lighting.  This one is made of red oak stained to match the client's other furniture.  There are three art glass panels on the front and three wood panels on the back (one of which provides hidden access to change a bulb).  The lighting is controlled by a built-in dimming switch and comes with a 12' cord.  The entire unit is mounted on recessed casters to allow easy relocation.  At 26"w x 22"d x 29"h, this table could serve as an end table.  The glass panels can convey any theme you desire.

Sold $1,200

Lectern #F-NL1
The nice thing about a tabletop lectern is that you can pick it up and move it and still use the table.  You don't have the added expense of another piece of free-standing furniture, and you can take it with you easily.  This piece is made from maple plywood with birch trim.  The decorative edges give it some personality, the extra interior shelf adds more storage space, and the rubber feet keep it in place.  It measures 34"w x 18"d x 16"h and is stained to match the existing furniture.

Sold $350

Tabletop #F-NJ1
To save a little money, we were able to reuse the client's existing dining table's legs and simply create a new top which was much larger to accommodate their growing family.  The top is made from birch plywood and is painted a luxurious high gloss black.  The aprons on the new top slide just around the old tabletop and it is secured from below with some wood cleats.  The new top is easily removable if desired or if it needs to be transported.  The dimensions of the new top are 7'-6"l x 4'-6"w x 3/4" thick top plus a 4"h apron.

Sold $700
Included delivery and installation.

Tabletop #F-OE1
This client had a decent wood table, but the top was really showing some signs of wear.  The finish was shot and some of the wood veneer was peeling off.  Instead of replacing the whole table, they wanted to simply update the top.  They decided to go back with a plastic laminate veneer in matte black, which gave it a bit of a contemporary flare.  The top was 36"w x 48"l x 3/4"t plus an 18"x36" leaf insert.  Boom, brand new look!  Note: plastic laminate can not be formed around any table edge contours; the top must be flat.

Sold $125
This cost was for labor only.  Depending on the pattern, plastic laminate can run from $25 to $125 for a 4'X8' sheet, which is what this project required.


Portable Wine Table #F-OF1
Camping in style!  If you do some traveling then you know that packing space is always at a premium.  Here's a compact solution: a folding table with one leg that stakes securely into the ground.  It'll hold your wine bottle and glasses without tipping.  When you're done, fold it up and you're ready to go.  Strong magnets keep the top from flopping around when folded.  The table is made from beautiful sapele wood and measures 14" diameter x 14" tall (opened up and without the stake).  Don't drink wine?  No worries; I'll configure the top anyway you desire.

Sold $200

Built-In Computer Station #F-JA1
The existing setup here was simply clutter.  The computer was on the floor, the speakers were falling off the table, internet cable here, power cords there, you've been there yourself.  This home had a thick wall hiding a small duct inside.  We used that wasted space to recess a computer cabinet and clean up the mess.  Additional outlets, an internet connection, and a speaker jack were provided in the cabinet to contain all the cables to one area.  A jack and outlet were added above for a wall phone.  There's even a hidden access panel in the back so additional wiring may be run later as needs change.  It's made from solid birch and birch plywood and stained to match the existing woodwork.  The cabinet measures 12"w x 26"h x 22"d (most of which is hidden inside the wall).

I am fully versed and equipped to run any low voltage wiring: phone, TV, data, speakers, security, as well as some line voltage situations such as adding outlets or lighting.  I can provide a licensed electrician where required for more intensive work.

Sold $500
Included field measurement, delivery, all wiring, and installation.

Little Desk Drawers #F-NL2
This client was shopping for a vintage roll-top desk.  She found one, but she really liked those tiny, old-school apothecary drawers, which this desk didn't have.  Since I will make anything, small cubicle drawers were no problem.  Each drawer measures about 4" x 4" x 4" and they are made to fit perfectly into her desk's back shelves.  Black melamine drawer bottoms give a nice wearing surface, felt pads on the bottoms let everything slide smoothly, and the small knobs add some bling.  These were made from red oak and were stained to match the desk.

Sold $100
For the set of 4 and included field measurements and installation.


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