I am not a production house.  I work alone and take personal responsibility for everything I present to my clients.  I will not ship out anything unless I am completely satisfied with my work.  I enjoy variety and trying new and different things.  This page shows some common items, but also a few outside the mainstream.  What I wish to convey is that I'm not simply the "cabinet guy" or the "box guy".  I'm an artist that can work in many different media and can use that broad and varied experience to design and build something especially for you.

Beauty is in the details.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger size.  Use your browser's "Back" button to return.

iPad Stand #O-LH1
View your iPad hands-free.  These decorative blocks of wood have two slots which can support your tablet at two different angles.  This is great for watching movies or checking your email while you get ready for work in the morning.  These can be made from any wood and stained any color to suit your vibrant personality or your home's decor.  The blocks have gripping rubber feet.

The thumbnails on the far left show three variations, but I can make them any way you want.
● Tiger maple (natural, no stain)
● Tiger maple with red stain
● Tiger maple with black stain
● Natural cherry cut round

Sold $35
Cutting Boards
These are the staple of any beginning woodworker who start out with simple stripes or a checkerboard pattern.  They become a signature item and an expression of expertise and quality for the seasoned craftsman.

Certainly you can pick up a cutting board at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond for much less than what I'm asking for here.  If they're wood at all, they might be 1/2" thick, it will shatter if you drop it, and it's less than inspiring to work with and embarrassing to use for presentation.  They're spit out on a computer controlled machine in a third world country.  I can't compete with their price, but they can't compete with my quality.  You will not find anything close to my boards at the store.

All of my boards are made in the USA (since that's where I live) and will last you a lifetime (and will probably outlive your grandchildren, too).  I provide a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of my work.  My thinnest cutting boards are 1 1/2" thick of solid wood.  They are substantially heavier than that cheap one that flexes and scoots across your counter while you're chopping.  I make end grain (butcher's block) boards.  That's where the end of the wood is facing up making the board much harder and more resilient.  Most of all they're stable and a joy to work with.  If you want to use them as a serving tray, your guests will be stunned by their beauty and they'll make an impressive centerpiece for any presentation.  All board are finished with a food grade oil wax.

A few options:
Size: I can make these just about any size your budget can tolerate.
Woods: I usually use hardwoods like maple, cherry, and walnut.  They also provide the color contrast.  I'll note where I varied from these species in the notes below.
Rubber Feet: I install gripping feet on all my boards to protect your table from scratches and keep the board in place.
Framed vs Unframed: A border around your board conceals the stripes on the side of the board, but adds a little cost.
Juice Groove: I can add a shallow groove around the perimeter on top of your board to contain stray liquids.
Grape Ledge: This is a small, elevated ledge around the top of the board that keeps your grapes (and anything else) from rolling off.
Handles: With or without, your choice, or I can route a recess on the side for a finger lift.
Finish: All of my board are finished with a food grade oil wax.  Whenever they start looking dull, just wipe some on.  You can find the oil in the stain aisle of your local Home Depot or Lowe's.

Remember you can click on any thumbnail to get the high res photo.
The Confetti Series (or the "How the Hell Did You Make That" Series)
▲$275, 13" x 13" x 3 1/4", 13 lbs, Unframed ▲$400, 15" x 16" x 3 1/4", 15 lbs, Wenge Frame ▲$400, 18" x 16" x 3 1/4", 17 lbs, Wenge Frame  

Random Rectangles Massive, Solid, Stunning
▲$450, 18" x 20" x 5", 1 1/2" Thick Top w/ Tall Cherry Frame, Juice Groove, Stainless Steel Handles AVAILABLE NOW!
$450, 16" x 20" x 6", 1 1/2" Thick Top w/ Tall Walnut Frame, Grape Ledge, Stainless Steel Handles
▲$450, 24" x 28" x 5 1/2", 1 1/2" Thick Top w/ Wide Sapele Frame, Grape Ledge, Chrome Legs ▲$400, 17" x 20" x 2 1/2", Walnut/Cherry Frame with Walnut Corner Keys, Grape Ledge

Shapes of Your Choice Just about any shape is possible
▲$275, 13" x 18" x 2 1/2" ▲$275, 13" x 18" x 2 1/2"    

Economy Boards A little smaller, less complex, less money
▲$150, 18" x 8" x 1 1/2"      

Catering Essentials Big Risers, stackable, transportable, storable
▲$700 set of (3), 1" Thick Long-Grain Tops w/ 2 1/2" Walnut Frame, Walnut Legs
(2) Small: 16" x 16" x 5"
(1) Big: 37" x 21" x 9"
▲Same Set.  Flip the large board over for a deep serving tray.  Store the small boards in the large one and use the legs to carry it.    

Buffet Bread Basket #O-MF1
This is built solidly for the rigorous use of a caterer and can hold about 4 dozen dinner rolls.  It's made from solid mahogany and will add some dramatic flair to your buffet display.  It features a built in shelf for a butter bowl, integral handles, a stainless steel cut-out on the rear rail with your company's logo, and non-slip rubber feet.  If you're looking for a unique display to set you apart from the competition, custom-designed, one-off pieces are the way to go.  This one measures 27"w x 18"d x 16"h, but I will build one to your specifications.

Sold $900

Glassware Serving Tray #O-PK1
This vintage, 50's glassware set was sitting in a box for 20 years.  It really deserved a place to call home and to celebrate it.  This art deco inspired serving tray is the perfect place.  It securely holds each glass in its own nest where the glasses will not tip over.  It's made from an attractive palette of exotic woods: curly maple sides, sapele wood legs and tray, wenge feet and decorative disks with abalone inlay.  Brushed stainless handles and rubber stem pads on the bottom of the feet round out the composition of this stunning piece.  It measures 22"w x 15"d x 9"h and is finished with polyurethane.  Now it sits out proudly for all to admire.

Sold $300
  Tea Light Holder #O-ML1
This Prairie School inspired tea light holder is made from white oak and is stained to match the client's decor.  It included the candles and glass cups.  It measures 18"w x 6"d x 2"h.  There are felt pads underneath to protect your table.  Want more candles?  I'll make it any size you want.

Sold $125

Pistol Rest #O-MA1
This is a stylish addition for the home or the range.  Keep your firearm protected, organized, and at the ready with this Art Deco styled stand.  Since everything I do is made to order, I can customize this to fit any types of pistols and magazines, and make it to hold any quantity of each.  This one is made from cherry and tiger maple on a dyed walnut base, but I can make yours from any woods you choose.  It also features non-slip rubber feet.  Do you want to customize it with your monogram or other emblem?  No problem.

Sold $150

Dog Stairs #O-ID1
As your dogs get older, you'll notice that they will start having trouble jumping up to places which were once easy to get to like your bed or the back of your SUV.  So why not treat them to a small set of stairs to make their lives a little easier?  And why not do it with some style?  Made using the concepts for roof truss design, they appear lightweight, but these stairs are stable, sturdy, and can hold a ton.  This stained, red oak piece measures 16"w x 30"d x 24"h and is finished with carpeted treads to compliment the client's decor.

Sold $350

Chess Board #O-JI2
Exotic woods abound in this elegant rendition of one of the world's most esteemed pastimes.  Individual 2 1/8" squares of quilted maple and bubinga are bound with inlaid ribbons of wenge and birch, and all is framed on a cherry wood base.  The piece was hand-rubbed to an ultra-high gloss finish, and measures 25" square x 2" high.  Since all my work is custom, you can pick your own woods and board dimensions.

Sold $300

Double-Size Jenga Game #O-OL1
Take the original game to bigger dimensions and bigger fun!  The sets shown use 1x2x6 inch pieces making a tower 18" tall before you even start re-stacking.  Each piece is milled to size, the edges are beveled, and then they're all buffed to make them easy to slide.  The poplar wood (left photo) is economical, but I can upgrade your set with walnut, maple, and cherry (right photo).  I'll make you a dice so you can roll a color to remove to add a new twist to the game.  You'll get 54 pieces in either set.

Sold $100 for the poplar wood set
Sold $135 for the walnut, maple, and cherry wood set
Add $50 for a simple plywood storage box

Triple-Size Jenga Game #O-OL2
Double-size not big enough?  Well, go triple-size!  Each piece is 1 3/4" x 3" x 9"; that's 32" high to start your stack!  Sure, you can get a set made from 2x4's cheaper, but there is a lot of dimensional variance with pine.  This set is made from poplar with planed, beveled, and buffed pieces.  It's more of a joy to play when you're not fighting crappy wood.
Sold $200

Ridiculously Over the Top Box #O-OL3
I don't expect anyone to buy this box for their Jenga Game - unless you're buying it for a corporate situation where you want something ridiculously over the top.  Show up with this and people know you mean business and know how to do things right.  It's Art Deco inspired design is made from birch plywood, maple, and walnut.  Heavy duty steel handles are for carrying and dumping out the pieces.  The bottom is padded and lined with crushed velvet.  It has guitar amp chrome corners and huge rubber feet to support this 60 pound set.  Definitely only for the serious Jenga players.
Sold $500 Jenga pieces sold separately

Invention Prototyping #O-ND1
If you're trying to sell an idea, having a three dimensional object in the hands of prospective investors can go a long way in selling them that idea.  Having a large company make you a one-off run of your design can be very expensive.  Let me make you a prototype in wood.  These are interlocking channels and can be used for a variety of applications.  But since the idea is not yet patented, that's all I can say ;)

Every Project Is Different
Let Me Give You a Quote


Wheel of Fortune Game #O-PJ1
Or maybe the Price is Right?  A game of chance is fun for any event, and I will build this thing to last as many corporate shows you can throw at it.  The disk is 24" diameter; big enough to garner attention, but small enough to transport.  It's built from solid maple and protected with a clear coat of polyurethane.
● Stainless steel hardware will never rust, and it's heavy duty to withstand frequent transport and use.
● Colorful graphics!  I can design you something eye catching and include your corporate logo.
● The leg folds up so it's easy to transport and compact to store.
● Rubber feet will protect the stand (and the table) from scratches.
● The flapper could wear, so I include extra flappers, a convenient on-board storage solution, and even the allen wrench to replace it with.
● A handle makes carrying it easy.
● Sets up in seconds.

Sold $500

Fund Raiser Game Board #O-OB1
Throw a ball through the hole and win a prize!  If you have a recurring booth or fund raiser, let me help you with a game board built to take the abuse and last forever.
● Made from 3/4" plywood, solid maple trim/legs, and heavy-duty pivot hinges, it's built to last and will provide years of service.
● Colorful nets make it fun!  The board was delivered blank ready for the client's own painting and graphics.  I'll work with you if you want me to provide those services.
● The legs fold up so it's easy to transport and store.
● 2 sets of rubber feet will protect the board (and the floor) from scratches: 1 set for display (as shown here), and another set for horizontal storage.
● 2 handles were installed for easy handling and transport.
● Sets up in seconds.

Sold $300 Did not include painting or signage graphics.

Vehicle Testing Platform #O-OD1
Teachers are constantly challenged with having proper equipment.  Here, students can experiment with gearing their small project cars to move uphill at various angles.  She was using a scrap of plywood propped up with coffee cans, not very inspiring for the students.  This piece provides a significant upgrade.
● Made from 3/4" plywood, solid maple, and heavy-duty hinges, it's built to last and will provide years of service.
● It's adjustable for several angles.  The students can test their vehicles, and this can also be used to launch their glider projects.
● There's a sandpaper driving surface for traction.
● Everything folds up flat and locks for easy transport and storage.
● 2 sets of rubber feet will protect the board (and the floor) from scratches: 1 set for experiments (as shown here), and another set for vertical storage.
● 2 handles were installed for easy handling and transport.
● Sets up in seconds.

Sold $375

Carved Monogram #O-GF1
Adorn the entry to your home with your initials carved into exotic wood.  This 10"x10"x1" thick piece of elm crotch wood is framed in walnut.  There are no stains nor paints used to create this effect; this is purely the beauty of nature.

Sold $200
Bowl #O-GF2
I don't have access to a lathe anymore, so I couldn't make another one.  I just wanted to display some various items on this page to show you a breadth of experience.  This bowl was left with a "live edge" (the bark of the actual tree) and is turned from a red mallee wood burl.  It measures 10" in diameter and 3" high", and is finished with tung oil.

Sold $400
Christmas Lawn Reindeer #O-PL1
I usually don't do folk art.  That's typically a joy for the creator.  But if you're too old or don't have the tools to do it, I will help you out.  This is a set of two grazing reindeer.  These fully disassembled into a small pile for storage.  They're made from 1/2" exterior grade MDO (medium density overlay).  The clients here chose to save a few bucks and tackle the painting themselves.

Sold $175 Set of 2 without paint
  Christmas Tree Stand #O-GL1
Here's a great example of creative problem solving.  When we moved into our new house, we bought the big, 12' tall artificial Christmas tree.  The stand that came with the tree was made from some thin, cheap metal, and it immediately broke.  I figured that if I had to build a new stand, I might as well make the best damned stand ever.  It is built like a tank and will never break.  Check out these upgrades:
● A heavy-gage, steel tube tree trunk insert with threaded hand-clamps to hold the tree firmly.
● Big rubber-wheeled casters with locks.  Decorate the tree in the middle of the room and roll it into place!
● Threaded leveling adjusters over each caster.
● 4 outlets built-in with a long extension cord plus a separate wired foot-switch.
● There are even hooks to wind up the on-board cords.
● Extra wide for stability: 44"w
 x 44"d x 16"h.

I built this for myself without a budget in mind.  This would probably cost more than anyone would want to spend on a tree stand.  I posted this to show you that if you have a problem, I can come up with creative solutions.
Custom Graphics, Photoshop Services, Unique Logos, Business Cards, Certificates
Before I started woodworking and stained glass, I did a lot of graphic design work.  I have degrees in Studio Art, Art History, and Architecture.  I have a strong understanding of aesthetics.  Anyone can throw together a quick graphic, but if you want it to look professional, you best call someone who knows what they're doing in terms of design and layout and who has a command of image editing software.

Here are a few examples of how I might be able to help you.  All services are $25 per hour.  A typical business card design would take about 2 hours.  I will make you custom, ground-up, unique graphics, and/or I will utilize public domain images and textures.

Remember you can click on any thumbnail to get the high res photo.

Business Cards
◄ Fine Art: I love the juxtaposition with the graffiti font and paint spatter background.

◄ Media Diva: black & white silhouette, the old-school film roll icons.  Nice!
  ◄ "World Visions" need a business logo that captured the concept.  The W & V with integrated guiding light was perfect.

Unique Logos
◄ Band logos need to get the point across succinctly.  "Wiser for the Wear": The W with integrated guitar pick makes the statement.  The guitar sound hole fading into a gear nails it.  Fluid metallic font to concrete stencil, perfect.  They loved it so much they requested a black & white take for their letterhead and clothing/merch.
◄ I provided "Mel's Diner" a background template where Mel could add her guest musicians herself.
  ◄ My band for many years.  We had a long name so it had to be legible.  But please notice the gold leaf texture, the granular blue bar, the variegation on the letters, the shadows from the letters, the highlight on the "i".  Homemade logos do not achieve this level of subtle detailing.

Certificates & Custom Signage

▲ I'll make you a certificate for ANYTHING.  I do not check your actual qualifications.  You want one that says "King Asshole", "Certificate of Douchebaggery", or maybe "Fantasy Football Champion", I'm more than happy to make it.

▲ Many states do not provide professional certificates suitable for framing, or they simply just look bad.  I can design you one for any situation or occasion.
◄ This was a framed description for a museum-type piece.  The client just made on in Word, but it lacked that professional edge.  If you don't want it to look cheesy, I can help.

Web Site Banners
◄ I can put an entire web site together for you, or just provide you with a few select graphics to give your site some pop.  Obviously, this web site is rich with custom design.  The "Media Diva" wanted coordinated business cards, web graphics, brochure images, and letterhead.


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