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Build Blogs
When you order a guitar from me and you're in the neighborhood, you're welcome to stop by the shop at any time to check out the progress of construction.  If you're up to it, I'll even let you cut some wood or do some sanding, whatever you're comfortable with.  You can stand behind me while I carve the neck and immediately test the feel.  I'll continue carving until it's a perfect fit.  You can personally observe the staining so you can get the exact color you're looking for.  You can help out during final setup so you can learn some basic maintenance tasks like leveling frets, tweaking the intonation, or adjusting the bridge height.  You can be as hands on as you want.

If you can't be in the neighborhood, I will create a blog on this page specifically for your build so you can get weekly updates and share progress photos with your friends.  Click on a name below to see an example.  Some smaller projects may be done so quickly they won't need a blog.

  Last Name Project % Complete  
  Loeys Double Guitar Stand                     Done!
  Gettemeyer The "Om"                     Done!
  Meyer The "Gold Rush"                     Done!
  Orsak Guitar Stand                     Done!
Ulrich Inlay and banding repair                     Done!
Rice MIDI electronics mod                     10%