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  I played in a top-rotation, local working band for fourteen years.  I continually sought a high quality instrument which would be a joy to play and had all the features I was looking for.  I never found a guitar hanging on the wall of my local music store which had everything I wanted.  One might have had the piezo bridge pickup, but it wouldn't be in the color I wanted.  One may have had a cool body style, but it only came with 22 frets.  I wanted personalized inlays, not the manufacturer's name emblazoned on the headstock.  The only way to get exactly what I wanted was to have one built for me.  Have you priced out a PRS Private Stock?  Yeah, more than my car.  So I built one myself.  Soon I found others facing the same situation who wanted me to build their dream guitars.
 Built for You
  I won't kid you, a custom guitar does cost some cash.  You won't save a ton of money buying everything yourself and having it built.  Big companies buy wood and other components by the truckload.  They also use computer controlled routers which punch guitars out on an assembly line.  Even if you do get a chance to talk to their custom department, they will narrow your choices to what their computers are programmed for.  Do you really think Gibson would put a Fender pickup in their guitar?
 To Your Specifications
  I don't sell thousands of guitars a year.  I have plenty of time to sit down and talk with you about exactly what you're looking for.  I will design the instrument around the choices you make.  You can select everything (and I really mean EVERYTHING):
     ● You select the woods
     ● You select the color or stain
     ● You pick the scale length
     ● You pick the inlays
     ● You pick the electronics package
     ● You pick the hardware
     ● I'll even carve the neck while you watch so you're insured a perfect fit
 ... and at a Fair Price
  Simply, I charge the cost of the materials plus $20 per hour for my time (which I hope you find fair).  Ok, ballpark: the featured instruments shown on the Guitars page both ran about the same: $1500 material + [150 hours at $20/hour] = $4500.  I'll agree, that's some cash, but you will get exactly what you want without compromise.  After design, we'll know the cost of materials and I can more closely estimate my time.  I will provide you a "not to exceed" cost figure.  If you're looking to do it for considerably less, please check the stock on the wall at Guitar Center.  I can not compete with them on price, but they can not compete with me on options or service.