1 Contact Me  
2 Tell Me What You Want   ● For items noted as "Available Now", I'll tell you if it's still around.  (I might sell an item faster than I can update the web site).
● For custom items, tell me what you're looking to do.  I love working on a variety of things.  Browse the various galleries on the web site and decide what you want your custom piece to be: its purpose, the size, the type of wood, custom features, etc. If you want a custom fit (like for a pistol case), you may have to leave the item with me so I can make sure it's prefect.
3 Tell Me Where You Live   ● I want to keep things fair for those who can pick up locally (St. Louis, Missouri, area), those that need local delivery, and those who need an item shipped.  Basically, you pay the shipping.
● Prices for the items are as listed on the web site.  The cost for shipping will be added in after you let me know which delivery method you require.  Where applicable, any packaging fee will be included with the shipping quote.
● Shipping for an average size piece (like a jewelry box) with an average delivery time to the contiguous United States would be about $30 (you can always pick it up for free).  A 100 pound, 12' long entertainment center shipped cross-country would obviously be more.
4 Give Me Time To Make It   ● When you order a custom piece, I will give you an estimate as to when I will have it finished.  This will depend on who's in line in front of you and what they ordered.
● I'll let you know when it's ready.
● Don't worry about payment until the piece is done.  Crazy custom items may require half the cost as down payment.
5 Pay Me   ● All prices listed on the web site and any quotes are in US dollars.
● If you're local, cash works the best.  I'll take a check, too, but I won't ship the item until it's cleared the bank.  Make checks out to me, not the company name.
● For on-line orders, PayPal is by far the easiest way to pay. Just log into your PayPal account and "Send Money Online" to my email address: VinceGelezunas@yahoo.com (I know my name's hard to spell; copy and paste it if you have to).  Be sure to include your name, shipping address, and the item you're purchasing in the Messages area.
● Once payment is received, I'll ship it out, usually the next day.
6 Guarantee   ● I realize that it's difficult to buy something without looking at it and touching.  I want you to be happy with the item I make for you.
● Any item may be returned, in original condition, within 30 days of receipt for a refund.
● If a problem occurs due to normal use, I will fix it for free as long as I'm still able to do woodworking.
● If it breaks due to "not so normal use" (if it falls, gets dropped, gets wet), I will (if possible) fix it for a nominal charge.


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