If you owned a Picasso you wouldn't simply tape it to the wall; you'd honor it with an appropriate frame.  Treat your precious keepsakes in the same way: sports memorabilia, antique guns, coins, stamps, even Beanie Babies!  The possibilities are endless and a display case customized to fit your items will make your collection that much more special.  Have one made to your specifications with a glass front, built-in lighting, and flexible storage options.  Whatever you want to display, let me design and build a custom case specifically for you.

Beauty is in the details.  Click on the photos to see them in a larger size.  Use your browser's "Back" button to return.

The Ultimate Display Chest #D-LD1
A beautiful storage case for your collection.  This one is made from cherry wood with curly maple accents and brushed stainless steel hardware.  Absolutely stunning!

Every feature imaginable:
● 8 subdivided drawers to organize your items.  The dividers can be customized to perfectly fit whatever you collect.
● The drawers are all removable so you can lay out your entire collection for table display.
● Crushed velvet lined and padded storage to gently support your treasures.  The linings have different colors on the top and bottom and can be flipped over so you can switch the color along with any changes in your collection.
● All drawers are lockable with one key.
● A glass top to show off the contents of the top drawer.  The drawers are all interchangeable so you can rotate the display.
● The top is lit with LED lights, they're switched, and there's electric cord storage in the base.
● Solid construction with handles so you can take your collection on the road to share with your friends.
● A personalized monogram inlay.

Sold $2500

Loved One's Memorial #D-KB2
What a great way to remember your loved ones.  This shadow box features a protective glass front, your favorite photos and funeral cards professionally matted, a beer bottle (or whatever personal item makes you smile), and a lighted interior.  This piece is made from walnut with cherry accents, and it measures 20"w x 15"h x 6"d.

Pet Memorial (See photos below) #D-JH1
Your pets are loved members of the family.  When they pass, keep their fond memories alive.  This shadow box features a collar stand and a name and date stamp.  There's a compartment for your pet's ashes in the base.  These can be made of any wood of your choice (these are two-toned), and measure 16"w x 13"h x 5"d.

Sold $225
Add $75 for the lighting
You Get Exactly What You Want
All of my items are made to order, so I can accommodate any request.
● I can match the wood and stain to your home's decor.
● I can size the piece to fit on your shelf or mantel.
● I can include whatever mementos you wish to display and I will make custom supports to hold them.
● I can provide the matte board color you like.
● I can add lighting to make your display special.
● The options are endless.  If you can think it up, I can build it for you.
▲Sam: Wenge frame with stained birch trim  16"w x 13"h x 5"d SOLD ▲Cricket: Walnut frame with cherry trim.
16"w x 13"h x 5"d SOLD
▲Molly: Bloodwood frame with birch trim.
14"w x 13"h x 5"d SOLD
▲Coco: Birch frame and trim with additional display space.  Big case.
24"w x 12"h x 5"d SOLD
▲Dante: Maple frame and cherry trim.  Add a monogram for $30.
16"w x 13"h x 5"d SOLD
▲Patches: Maple frame with sapele trim.  Smaller size box.
7"w x 5"h x 4"d SOLD
▲Cookie: Cherry with 2-tone stain.
13"w x 12"h x 5"d SOLD
▲Lucy: Walnut with understated trim.
11"w x 9"h x 5"d SOLD
Sports Memorabilia Display #D-KC1
Sports enthusiasts celebrate!  Here's a large, unique, way to display all your collectibles.  The large area in the middle will frame a stadium print.  The abundant shelving mimics the architecture of the stadium.  The owner painted the wall red and the shelving unit was painted white to display the team colors.  The top center features a metal team logo mounted in home plate (click on the photo to see a blow-u).  This unit is as big as the wall!  114"w x 54"h x 10"d.

Sold $550
Included on-site installation

Baseball Memorabilia Display #D-OF2
Protect your treasures behind glass in a wall-mounted display case.  Features include a custom made bat and ball holders, interior lighting, framed photos/tickets on stand-offs, and cap hooks below.  This piece was made from red oak with a natural finish.  It measures 40"w x 16"h x 9"d.  Whatever your collection; whatever size you need; whatever custom shelves, hangers, and holders are required; I can design and create it for you.

Sold $550
Included on-site installation
World Series Memorabilia Display #D-GF1
Your baseball collection isn't worth anything if it's packed away in a cardboard box.  Show your team colors with a completely customizable display case.  This wall-mounted piece features many shelving options for existing and future items: a lighted central display area with glass front, framed baseball cards, a collector's World Series bat, recesses in some shelves for autographed baseballs, and a cap rack below.  In beautiful stained, red oak and at a generous 71"w x 24"h x 15"d, it will be the frame for your prized collection and the central focus of your entertainment area.

Sold $800

▲Shelf detail.  The variety of shelving options allow for unlimited possibilities.  Note the recesses for autographed baseballs.

▲Hinge detail.  Instead of having a large, cumbersome door to access your treasures, only the stile pivots out of the way to allow the glass to slide over.

▲Hinge detail.  Instead of having a large, cumbersome door to access your treasures, only the stile pivots out of the way to allow the glass to slide over.
►Matching custom card holder.
World Series Memorabilia Display #D-GF2
Another variation on the theme shown above, this wall-mounted piece is finished in stained, red oak and measures 37"w x 40"h x 18"d, but yours would be tailored to a size fitting your space and a color to match your decor.  Again, many shelving options for your items: a lighted display area with glass front, framed baseball cards, a collector's World Series bat, recesses in some shelves for autographed baseballs, and a cap rack on the side.  Tell me what comprises your collection and I'll make sure it has a special space to call its own.

Sold $800

Baseball Jersey Display #D-KC1
Protect your treasures behind glass in a wall-mounted display case.  Features include a professionally mounted jersey, interior lighting, a framed photo on stand-offs, and a custom bat hanger.  This piece was made from birch and was stained to match the home's decor.  It measures 35"w x 39"h x 7"d.  Whatever your collection; whatever size you need; whatever custom shelves, hangers, and holders are required; I can design and create it for you.

Sold $550
Included on-site installation

Baseball Jersey Display #D-NE1
This display case is similar to the one above showing that I can customize the display precisely to your needs.  This client also wanted a lighted display, but they had additional plaques instead of a bat.  Whatever you want to display, I can make it work for you.  This piece was made from birch and was stained a dark ebony.  It measures 35"w x 39"h x 7"d.

These cases are both lit and activated by a push-button.  You do not need a switched outlet or have to plug in the case whenever you want to turn on the lights.  The cases are hung with keyhole type hangers and are positioned at 32" apart to align with your wall studs.

Sold $550
Included on-site installation

Uniform Display #D-QH1
Don't have a sports jersey, no problem.  Here's a case made for the Fox Theater to display a vintage usher's uniform.  The custom poplar case was painted brown to match their existing decor. It has a stained glass panel on the front to hide the hanger.  The glass pattern actually matches the handrail design in the theater.  And if it has stained glass it has to light up! I also put together some custom graphics for the "history lesson" with a description of the ushers' duties, a photo of the jacket in action, and a bio of the person that wore this uniform for 40 years.

It measures 28"w x 41"h x 7"d.  The lights were wired without a switch so they automatically come on with the rest of the lights in the theater.  This case was installed by the client with a French cleat.

Sold $750
Price did NOT include on-site installation


Hard Hat Display #D-PG1
I can make a display case for any occasion.  This one was for the St. Jude Dream Home Give Away.  It features a hard hat signed by all the companies who donated time and/or materials for the house.  The maple and birch case has glass on three sides and measures 22"w x 18"h x 11"d.  It's finished with lacquer.  Of course, it lights up.  I created the custom graphics which display all the donors names.  Now you just can't go to the store and buy a hard hat holder, one has to be custom made to hold it securely and at the right angle.  The case can either be wall hung via the hanging cleat or set on a counter on the felt padded feet.

Sold $550
Included on-site installation


Baseball Shelves #D-OE1
Maybe you don't have an entire collection of items to display, just a few autographed baseballs.  Check out this bat-shaped ball display.  This unit holds 7 balls in simple indentions in the shelves - and the whole thing looks like a freakin' bat.  Perfect!  This one is made from hickory wood and measures 3 1/2"w x 42"h x 4"d.  I can customize it to hold however many balls you can find.

Sold $85


Knife Display #D-KF1
Are your old memories stuffed away in a shoe box in the basement?  Put them on display so you can appreciate them ever day.  This case is made from mahogany and  features a glass front, leather backing, and custom wood supports for a World War II knife collection.  It measures 23"w x 13"h x 4"d.  Both front and back are removable for easy access.

Sold $225

Shadow Box #D-MI1
If you have a straightforward request, I would recommend that you start at someplace like Hobby Lobby.  I can't compete with their pricing.  However, please call me if you have special requests that they can't satisfy (like these):
● This client wanted a white metal frame, which Hobby Lobby doesn't stock.
● He wanted a crushed velvet material backing, which is not available at Hobby Lobby.
● He wanted the various medal and patches sewn to the backing.  Hobby Lobby will hot glue everything on, which will damage the items and may not hold permanently.
● He wanted the text engraved on the glass creating a more subtle labeling effect, which is not available at Hobby Lobby.
● He wanted the WWI medals, buttons, and pins identified and labeled on the back of the display.  I researched the items and created a graphic key.
● Hobby Lobby did cut the matt board for me, a service they do very well and while I waited.
This piece measures 11"w x 14"h x 1 1/4"d.

Sold $150
Name Plate Stand #D-PF1
This is precisely where I can accommodate a special request.  This client was having a custom, etched glass name plate made for his daughter who recently acquired her dentistry license, a classy addition to her office.  He needed a stand with which to display the name plate.  You just can't go to the store and buy one, so he asked me to make him one to his specifications.  It had to exactly fit the glass (not the sample shown in the picture, but the one that was being made), the glass had to tilt back slightly, it had to be in cherry wood, it had to have some decorative edging, and he wanted a subtle hand-rubbed finish to give it that warm glow.  I even added some non-slip pads on the bottom.  15"w x 5"h x 1"h.

Sold $65
Trophy Mounting Plaque #D-OF1
I can make you a trophy display plaque for anything you have in mind.  I can make one for you in any size, any shape, any wood.  The shield in the left photo is made from walnut and measures 13"w x 15"h x 3/4"d.  The right photo is a 17"w x 15"h x 1"d oval.  They included keyhole hangers on the back.  They were finished in lacquer and buffed out to a gloss finish.

Sold $40
Please supply your own trophy
Acrylic Display #D-LB1
Whatever your prized possession, let me make a display case for it. This acrylic topped box is the purest way to show off your treasure.  This one has a maple base and pedestal with an acrylic cover to keep your item safe and dust free.  The cover can be screwed down and the bottom has non-slip rubber pads.  This piece measures 21"w x 12"d x 5"h, but I can make you one any size you require.

Sold $275


Mirror & Shelving #D-ID1
Though this is technically not a "display case", it does share the same design concept, so I thought it appropriate to add here.  The client had a bare wall in their bathroom which needed that custom touch.  This piece measures 54"w x 33"h x 14"d and fills the wall perfectly from side to side.  It's done in maple and is stained to match the existing cabinetry.  The various floating shelves provide ample storage as well as visual interest.  One shelf even has a recess designed to hold a small candle.

Sold $650
Included field measurement and on-site installation
  Full Wall Shelves D-PA1
This client wanted a large shelving unit, but didn't want the look of wall standards and brackets nor something like modular shelving cases.  These shelves span almost 10 feet.  They are ruggedly built from poplar and stained to match their decor.  The side panels fit snugly against their side walls giving them a built-in look.  118"w x 72"h x 13"d.

Sold $800
Included on-site installation
  The Simple Shelf #D-MG1
When you're looking for quality, you won't find it at Home Depot.  This is 1 1/4" thick red oak plus a beefed up decorative front edge and it's screwed into wall studs.  This will never bow even if you park your car on it.  It was stained to match other existing woodwork.  It measures 79"w x 8"d x 8"h, but I can make yours whatever size you need.

Sold $150
Included on-site installation
  The Simple Shelf #D-NE2
This pair of shelves has a little story.  Some time ago, my client cut down a walnut tree on his parents' farm.  He was going to save the wood and some day build something from it.  Since then, his parents sold the farm and later passed away.  He still had the wood, but he did not know what to do with it.  He contacted me and asked if I could build a couple shelves from the wood he had saved.  Of course I could!  Now he has two shelves on the wall.  Every time he looks at them he recalls childhood memories and fun filled days at the farm.  To save a little money, the client chose to apply the finish himself.

Sold $75
The client provided the wood and did the finishing himself
  Bracketless Shelf #D-OL1
Go for a cleaner look with a floating shelf.  Use big screws to secure this shelf to the wall through pre-drilled, countersunk holes.  Then nail on the front edge trim to hide how you did it.  The front trim can be installed "up" so picture frames won't slide off the front.

Sold $75
For the pair of shelves.  The client installed the shelves himself, but I can add on that service if you need it.
  Display Pedestal #D-JD1
Here's a simple yet elegant way to display sculpture, sales products, or whatever you want for your home or business.  This display pedestal measures 24"w x 20"d x 38"h.  It's made from particle board and is finished with white plastic laminate with a mahogany wood base.  It's sturdy and easy to clean.  I can make a pedestal to your specifications: any dimensions, any color, any trim.  Just contact me and tell me what you need.

Available Now! $250


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