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1 Contact Me   I can't build you your dream guitar unless you talk to me.  Feel free to browse through the Design Considerations, but a lot of those choices may require some insight and some choices may be contingent on others.  Let me guide you through the process.  My contact info is at the top of every page.
2 Design It   When you start a guitar from scratch, there are many items which need to be tied down.  Nothing is taken for granted.  Read through this list of Design Considerations.  Yeah, it's pretty wordy, but just narrow down your "must-haves" and I can help you through the rest.
3 Sketch It   Once I know where you want to go, I'll provide you with full-scale, drafted plans of your guitar (like the one at the bottom of this page).  Then we can fine tune things like body shape, knob placement, and inlay design.  We can change things easily on paper - after the wood's cut, not so much.
4 Build It   From start to finish, a guitar can take around 5 to 6 months to complete.  That is a bit of time, but everything I build is one-off and built to your order.  You're free to stop by and check on the progress (and make a few cuts while you're there).  I will also create and update a Blog page to keep you apprised of your build.
5 Play It   Once I'm done I'll turn the guitar over so that you may treasure it forever.  This will be a one of a kind instrument which you took an active part in designing and building.  It will have every option you want without compromise.